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Welcome to the world of Ultrasonics

Successful with system since 1967

50 years of Walter ultrasonic

Established in 1967, the Martin Walter Ultraschalltechnik AG has become a renowned ultrasonic provider.

From specific ultrasonic components to ready-to-operate solutions, Martin Walter develops and supplies technologies which meet your requirements in the area of ultrasonic cleaning, mixing and separation, as well as joining.

In association with the CREST GROUP Inc., the global market leader of innovative ultrasonic technology, the company can rely on cross-industrial solutions. The Martin Walter Ultraschalltechnik AG offers investment security through quality, its qualified manpower and a worldwide after-sales service.

Our Principles

Our Products

Push pull transducer

Plate transducer

High-End PushPull® and SinglePush transducer for high-demand applications.

Submersible and Plate transducer for a wide range of applications.


Table top cleaners

Powersonic® Industrial Line

Professional benchtop cleaners for the laboratory and many other environments, such as optical, medical and industrial.

1-Chamber ultrasonic cleaning and rinsing tanks for industrial usage