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50 years Martin Walter Ultraschalltechnik


Established in 1967, the Martin Walter Ultraschalltechnik AG has moved to Straubenhardt in 1990, located on the northern outskirts of the Black Forest.


After more than five decades of experience, the company has become a leading supplier of ultrasonic cleaning components in Europe. The development and manufacturing of modern generators and transducer systems requires a high level of technical know-how. During the consistent search for new application fields with different challenges, significant improvements could be made in the generator and transducer technique. The company is looking back on a wealth of experience of more than 50 years. The customers and partners can profit from this by receiving high-quality products and personal expertise. In order to ensure continuous improvement and quality, Martin Walter Ultraschalltechnik perpetually performs inspections and tests in the in-house laboratory.


The mission is to lead the Martin Walter Ultraschalltechnik AG into a safe future. This can only be achieved by the inclusion of highly motived and skilled employees. Care and responsibility towards the labor guarantees a long-term identification with the company and therefore, personal and operational security and existence. The employees of the Martin Walter Ultraschalltechnik AG are working with the experience and the findings of the past on the most modern set of equipment in order to secure a successful future. The innovative power continuously gets promoted and renewed by the constructive dialog with customers and partners. Hence, quality awareness means to exceed high expectations. Now, and in the future.


The requirements for an industrial corporation are various and subject to constant change in all subareas, such as technology, economy, politics and society. The company is aware that continuous success is only possible by following its basic principles: diligence, thoroughness, honesty and ingenuity. This is why the human is in the centre of attention at the Martin Walter Ultraschalltechnik AG. The business goals are only to be realized by highly-motivated employees. This is why the corporation takes the promotion of creativity and inventiveness, as well as self-initiative and qualification for granted. The attachment of the labor to their homes at the northern outskirts of the Black Forest is, last but not least, contributing to the continuity and stability of the company. This can be seen at the significantly low personnel turnover.


This feeling of a secure partnership is carried over to the relationships with customers. Together with you, Martin Walter will find the right answers based on experience, know-how and technology – in order to further develop products and ideas. By doing so, the Martin Walter Ultraschalltechnik AG is ready to face global competition with confidence. This is why business friends from all over the world are acknowledging the company’s efforts by providing full trust – thank you very much.

Julian Wind

Martin Walter Ultraschalltechnik AG
Hardtstraße 13, 75334 Straubenhardt, Germany

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